Designer’s days

Paris, France.

The Designer’s days is an event held yearly in Paris. For a week, design galleries, museums, agencies schools and other design related places open to the public, proposing a variety of exhibitions, installations and talks dedicated to promoting design both on a national and international level.

In this context, Boulle Design (an association of graduate designers I was a member off while living in Paris) organised an exhibition where 32 significant design projects were presented. This project brought together young designers, local businesses and the broader community.

I worked on this event as a project manager in charge of the curatorial team and a designer in charge of designing the scenography and furniture for the exhibition, as well as communicating with our sponsors.

The design had to be simple and effective, enabling a variety of significantly different projects from a variety of design disciplines to be displayed. Manufactured locally in our association’s workshop, the main modules are made from recycled wooden panels and can be assembled and disassembled easily to facilitate transport and re-use.

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