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Research & Publications


Charlotte is a researcher in Design. While her main focus is on design, sustainability and higher education design curriculum, she is also involved in a variety of design related design research projects. Charlotte is particularly interested in the role of research in the design process. She sees research as a key element to successful implementation of design theories, both in design practice and design education.
Research Assistant

Charlotte works as research assistant in the QUT School of Design. Her role includes tasks such as undertaking research, reparing draft reports, reviewing literature, writing draft literature reviews, collecting data and preparing graphical displays of data.
Charlotte’s main research interests relate to design, education, sustainability and curatorial design. She is always interested in contributing to new research projects in these areas and more generally in design.

Data Collection
Charlotte is an experienced researcher and is able to conduct data collection, summary/reports and display/ data visualisation.
Research Methods and Planning
Charlotte is an experienced project manager and is able to plan for research, identifying appropriate, effective and ethical research methods and planning according to specific research requirements, budgets and timeframes.

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