Urban farming: towards social and responsible production

Paris, France.

This project takes a new look at urban farming. In dense urban areas, it is often difficult to find the space to grow food.

The idea for this project is to create a service which connects land owners and gardeners. It aims to connect people who live in the city with land-owners located in the close suburbs, who often lack capacity (or time) to take care of their own garden. In return, the production is shared.

The issues addressed though this project are both ecological and social. By implementing food production solutions to the urban landscape, the project promotes responsible food production and consumption. By connecting people from various background and demographics, it also focuses on skill building, intercultural exchanges and avoiding social isolation.

To implement this service, a variety of factors needed to be taken into consideration. Different interfaces (postal based and internet) had to be created to suit different generations involved in the project.
Trust needed to be established between the participants. A diary was designed to not only set the terms of the contract but also to help the participants to plan and organise the timeframe, design of the garden as well as what would be planted, harvested and shared. The design of this diary is inspired by the act of sharing. One object becomes two as it unfolds.

Sponsored by local governments, the participants then receive a gardening kit. Different modules can be assembled to suit each space and needs while leaving room for creativity.